Electric octopus

Personalised electric octopuses fits for your plans.

The electric octopus is the main important part of inter connectivity of all your equipments and the consumer unit. This is made up of main housing, sheaths or ducts and electric wires. Electric octopus gets and distributes to all of your electrical devices that makes your equipment.

  • History : The process was invented in 1944 by Monsieur ARTHUR WILLIAM MARSHALL ARTLEY in United Kingdom. The Octopus patent, electrical pre-wiring octopus-shaped, turned out to be very effective in the UK, during the (...) Read more
  • Electrical Octopus: A custom Study.. Manufacture of Electrical Octopus (with pre-wired junction boxes), pre-spun ducts and consumers unit according to clients specifications, for new construction and renovation of (...) Read more
  • Do it yourself installation of your electricity with the benefits of the "pre manufactured" electrical octopus. The Electrical octopus is also known as "electric spider" it is a pre-manufactured system ready to be (...) Read more
  • Based on the principles of pre manufacture, we are fully aware that commercial electrical octopus facilitate custom built for tertiary type of nursing home, retirement home, hospital,etc. The Tertiary electrical Octopus: a (...) Read more
  • Electrical Octopus : Cheaper - Faster Time saving : Time saving by opting for a study and pre-manufacture in our workshops. . The opportunity for you to master the technique with savings in terms of material, since (...) Read more