Advantages of an Electric Octopus

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Electrical Octopus : Cheaper - Faster

Time saving :

Plan pieuvres électriques Time saving by opting for a study and pre-manufacture in our workshops. .
The opportunity for you to master the technique with savings in terms of material, since the technicians are working on plans. No more waste due to excess raw materials.

Time saving in terms of implementation.
Electrical octopuses delivered to you labelled, marked and ready to be installed. You reduce your work on the site at least 30% of your working time.

Pre-manufactured Electrical Octopus: insured Speed

  • easy to installed
  • time efficient
  • Save workforce
  • deliver where you want (on-site of your company)
  • period adapted to the needs
  • personalised monitoring
  • technical services availability
  • follow electrical standards
  • 1 colour game plan with specific details for easy installation (possibility of plasticised plans)
  • a supply of your projects based on the progress of work, limit your stocks, and limit the delivery on site.
  • a set of services: Octopus-pre wired tables- Appliances - Leads followers
  • a lower cost than traditional systems

The experience of Electrical Octopus at your service.

Since 1988, PREFABAT has developed its expertise and constantly challenge themselves to meet the needs of the clients and the standard.
Totally modernised its plant to its major asset in an increasingly demanding industry. Indeed, teams of technicians are ready to listen and share their knowledge of expertise, for many years the experiences of your sites making PREFABAT one of the leading distributors of octopuses in the market today.

 pieuvres électriques respect des normes électriques en vigueur ISO 9001PREFABAT Values:
UNDERSTANDING, RESPECT, and GUARANTEE are also the core Value of its team.

UNDERSTAND your needs, your business and the requirements of the standard.
RESPECT standard, demands and deadlines.
GUARANTEE the product quality and time of deliveries.