Benefits KIT and Electrical Octopus

Your distribution center

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Pre manufactured circuits :

Our services offers different types of pre-manufactured electrical circuits (electrical octopus)

Electrical Octopus for collective housing: they consist of derivative boxes fitted arm connecting sockets, switches, lighting point and the consumer unit.

Electrical Octopus for individual pavilions: they consist of a junction box provided with arm connecting sockets, switches, lighting point and the consumers unit.

Dedicated lines for multi-family or individual pavilions. This lines connected directly to the consumer unit specific appliances such as oven, washing machine, WMC…..

The Electrical Octopus Distribution

The electrical installation that you order will be made with sheaths, the son and a junction box that will allow the connection of the electrical box and protect the different parts of your devices.

Our length sleeves and son are defined depending on the room you choose.

Systematically, the junction box is placed on the electrical plan of your room in the middle, but the length of our conduit are not calculated accurately as you can choose the location thereof.

KITS & Pieuvres électriques boite étanche à l'airDrywall case

We will provide a drywall case, in order to fix your equipment in your room.

Together Centre Point

At the center of the ceiling, you will find a spot with socket DCL (Device Connection Luminaire) in which will attach to a chandelier or a light bulb.

The junction box is fixed above the ceilings in the centre of the room, so it can receive the centre point.