Electric Octopus: Quality Label

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History :

The process was invented in 1944 by Monsieur ARTHUR WILLIAM MARSHALL ARTLEY in United Kingdom.

The Octopus patent, electrical pre-wiring octopus-shaped, turned out to be very effective in the UK, during the reconstruction of the post war period.

In France, the patent was filed in 1946, qualified Improvement brought the equipment of electric wire in buildings. In 1947, the process happens in France and exploited by a French company before it becomes a standard for electrical installations. Companies is seeking for equipment and a speed of implementation. The CSTB is a French organisation who grant approval of new materials and traditional construction methods in 1950.

Preamble: What is an Electric Octopus? :

Pieuvre électrique Electric Octopus is a complete electrical system, consisting of electric wires passed through ducts located to their respective functions-lighting, socket outlet and their position in the house. It is performed in the workshop from the housing plans. So there is a time saver during the installation of the electrical circuits.

Electric Octopus: Quality Label :

BBC Effinergie pieuvres électriquesPREFABAT is based on a Quality Management System (ISO 9001). This quality system guarantee you have electrical comply with current standard electric octopus. Mainly Standards NFC 14-100 and NFC 15-100.

In addition, with its experience of over 20 years, your electrical octopuses will be manufactured in the code of practice: identification, wiring, conditioning …

PREFABAT fits all modern manufacturing techniques: from solid slab, floor plate, timber frame, etc.

TO UNDERSTAND, RESPECT and GUARANTEE are the three corporate values that makes your PREFABAT excellence through a quality partner.