Electrical Octopus Housing

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pieuvres électriques du bâtiment Electrical Octopus: A custom Study..

Manufacture of Electrical Octopus (with pre-wired junction boxes), pre-spun ducts and consumers unit according to clients specifications, for new construction and renovation of individual or collective housing.

Specific Advantages :

Electrical octopus allows a very significant time savings (halving the the exposure time), compared to a conventional power plant, in a very reasonable price/quality ratio.

They are custom made and exactly match the characteristics of the target site. The plans are provided by the clients through email, fax or by mail.

Easy and error free: Octopus are labeled (clients, building,floor, no. Of reference) and each arm and each octopus comes with an installation plan carried on AUTOCAD.

Improved Quality: Better protection of the duct and cable, over broken son pulls or block dusts. The fabricated electrical circuits can be used for low currents: like television,telephone,etc.

Using H07 VU wire and ICTA sheaths standard ( other references on request).

Quick quotes.

Fast delivery time: 2 weeks from standard supply plans "good for execution ". This is the Workflow of our good management.

Shipping on standard 80x120 with plastic wrap pallets.

Example of Application:

For traditional octopus pre-slab (full slab)

Using the center boxes like arms equipped derivations boxes connecting the outlet,switches,light points and the electrical panel. Specialized lines are delivered separately to facilitate the installation on the site.

Octopus with suburban boxes:

It consists of a box placed in fills lost fitted fitted arm connecting sockets, switches, lighting points, the consumers unit. Specialized lines are delivered separately to facilitate the installation on the site.

Octopus "with out box" to pavilions Individuals:

It consists of a set of interconnected arms; connected to one another connections that are already made. It only remains to put all in a wall hollow box that is already fixed.