Glossary of technical terms

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Beam conductors son used a network of electricity or telecommunications.

Layout Plan

The layout plan is the implication of reservations for architectural plans. The study rate and the technicians of the equipment location.

Lost fills

Means lost fills the space under the roof is unheated, unoccupied and uninhabitable for technical reasons.

Low current

The low current is a term used to denote the currents flowing on the communication channels. The applications are numerous: telephone, radio, computer network, automation, audio, home automation, video….

Strong current

Distribution of electric energy to be transformed by the receivers having different electrical functions (lamps, resistors, motors, electrical appliances, office equipment…)

Solid slab

This is a slab compromised solely of the reinforced or prestressed concrete, without cell, cast…


A sheath envelope means an insulating material in which a driver is protected by cables.


This are the designs of electrical and sanitary fitting on architectural plans.

Electric kit

Electrical assembly prepared to ask for accommodation or lodge including Octopus table, heating apparatus and VMC

Banché wall

Poured concrete walls are vertical concert structures (often armed), poured into moulds called "shuttering" to their final location in the building.


The Electrical octopus is also known as "electric spider" it is a pre-manufactured system ready to be installed. It is composed of prefix conduits connected together in a junction boxes, it receives and distributes electricity to your electric devices constitutes your installation.

Prebuild Slab

It is a precast slab reinforced and prestressed thin concrete.


The prewired consist sheath (conduit ICT) in crown 100 meters with the son or desired cables inside.

Tire wire

It is a needled sheath that allows to draw electrical son inside the sheath.


Controlled Mechanical Ventilation is in the building, a set of devices to ensure the renewal of the air inside the rooms, including the so called wet rooms: bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, etc…

VMC Single Stream

Fresh air from outside is first passed through the living and discharged by an extraction unit having a fan. The self-adjusting single-flow VMC have constant air flow, whatever the external conditions (wind, rain) and internal (number of occupants, humidity). WMC hydro adjustable see their airflow vary depending on indoor humidity, which ensures the faster evacuation of very moist air while limiting waste.