Our partners

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For many years, PREFABAT build a strong partnership with the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment such as LEGRAND, ARNOULD, SCHNEIDER, ATLANTIC and others.

PREFABAT is based on a policy of purchasing mass given volumes consumed to provide more than 250 clients.

We are offering wide choices of providers (over a hundred) with a very competitive prices and high quality.

In addition, in order to stay in our quality policy, we have made choices based on different criteria:

  • Reliability of equipment
  • Product quality
  • Compliance with standards
  • Awareness of Brands

We can count on our market leaders such as SCHNEIDER or LEGRAND for the equipment and table section, ATLANTIC, AIRELEC or HORA for heating and air conditioning. ATLANTIC or ALDES for ventilation, DELTA DORE for regulating heat and automation of homes as well as challengers, experts in their fields such as MICHAUD for communication unit.

These choices are made for one purpose: to offer a quality kit both in terms of technological innovation and in terms of reliability. This guarantees you a friendly electrical installation standard and scalable as all our ranges are French or the European manufacturer.

You can picture the products that fits you best.

HORA – Plancher chauffant électrique- Trame Horatwin DELTA DORE – Thermostat - Calybox 220 SCHNEIDER – Appareillage Odace LEGRAND – Appareillage Céliane + Coffret de communication MICHAUD – Coffret VDI