Prefabat Services

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Engineering Service

The office is the added value of PREFABAT. It is where the ideas and the feasibility study of our qualified professional project designers created. It consists of 7 qualified designers working in teams from 6 hours to 20 hours. The speed of their study has been increased and they apply to use a procedure which enables them to achieve 96% customer satisfaction (satisfaction survey of 464 clients in September 2009)

Service Planning

Upon the receipt of your order, using the project schedule the planner will discuss with you regarding of the timing of deliveries according to your requested dates of your work.

Service energy Efficiency

Since January 2013, PREFABAT created an own post to answer any questions about the environment and energy efficiency.

The head of this service will aim to meet the principles of the RT 2012, and allow you to limit your energy consumption.

Through the study we can offer you the most profitable plants at great prices.

For heating, hot water, ventilation and control system, we offer any kind of solution to meet your expectations in terms of energy efficiency.