Tertiary Electrical Octopus

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Based on the principles of pre manufacture, we are fully aware that commercial electrical octopus facilitate custom built for tertiary type of nursing home, retirement home, hospital,etc.

The Tertiary electrical Octopus: a customised solution.

*Either with the 150x150 waterproof plastic boxes and RO2V cable type of wheel. Installing these octopuses is provided in cable trays lying in corridors.

Either with pavilion type boxes. Installing these octopuses is provided in ducts. This kind of octopus is often used in manufacturing circuits lights/ sockets or specialised lines in the rooms (nurse call system, TV, PTT, etc)

The advantage of shop manufacturing is that to optimise the time spent on the site for installation. The more identical models of this solution is more cost effective.

Our teams are at your disposal to discuss with you the specific technical characteristics of this type of octopus. Together we will find a best solution that fits to your needs.